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are you having a spotted

lanternfly problem?

Have Spotted Lanternflies been attacking trees & shrubs on your property this year? If so, give us a call to receive a free quote for treatment plans to eliminate them. It may not seem like a big issue now, but if they are left untreated these pesky flies can cause severe damage to trees & shrubs over time.

You can request a free lanternfly consultation by calling 610-777-5159 or email sales@waterfallgdns.com


awareness promotion

Marianne Adam (left), Comfort Bag Project Coordinator for the Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks, and Angela Wambaugh (right), Office Manager for Waterfall Gardens, are pictured before a colorscaping installation of pink Supertunia Vista Bubblegum flowers to promote a month long promotion which will also raise funds for BCSS.

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